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Take Away & Mini Shop

Take Away and Mini Shop

We have set up a temporary mini shop selling a few foodie essentials such as bread, milk, eggs, fruit, veg, veg boxes, wine, beer and soft drinks it is currently open Wednesday to Saturday between 12pm – 7pm and Sunday between 11am – 2pm.  We are updating the range all the time so please contact us for up to date stock.

Take away dishes are available to order and pay for by phone between 9am – 3pm and collect between 4pm – 7pm.  Contactless payments by CARD ONLY (no cash) can be taken between 4pm – 7pm.

Today – Marina Classics Night

Lamb shank, braised in red wine, sautéed greens, creamed potatoes (GF)
£12.00 per person


Haddock & spring onion fishcakes, sautéed greens, dill & white wine sauce
£9.00 per person


Satay roasted cauliflower curry, sweet potato sag aloo (VE, GF)
£9.00 per person


Triple chocolate brownie, crème Chantilly (V, GF*)
£4.00 per person


IMPORTANT:  Please remember social distancing at all times while at Aston Marina.  Contactless deliveries to your car on the car park are available, please let us know over the phone if it is safest for everyone for you not to leave the car.

All items are subject to availability.